October 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Seven years ago, in the fall of 2005, the Michael E. McCarthy Scholarship Fund sent out its first letter requesting donations. Due to your support for our annual fundraising campaign, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that we have met our long term monetary goals, and this will be our final annual request. To date we have awarded over $32,000.00 to seniors at Middletown High School, Tiverton High School, and Stonehill College. It is our vision to continue to expand our annual scholarship giving and provide assistance to local students for many years to come.

To give you an overview of the scholarship program, in June 2005 we awarded two $1000 scholarships, to Middletown and Tiverton seniors. In the next two years, 2004 and 2005, the same amounts were awarded. In 2006 awards were increased to $2000 each. This was continued in 2009 and 2010. Additional awards were added in 2011. In addition to $2000 each to Middletown and Tiverton, a second scholarship in the amount of $500 was awarded to a senior from each school. In 2011 we also instituted a scholarship of $2000 to a Stonehill College senior. Stonehill College was Michael’s alma mater.

This past June, Allison Raposa of Tiverton High School and Brianna Rice of Middletown High School were each awarded a $2000 scholarship by The Michael E. McCarthy Scholarship Fund. In addition, Sarah Cordeiro of Tiverton and Baley Rochefort of Middletown were awarded $500 each. A donation of $2000 was given to Stonehill College to be awarded to a senior pursuing a career in education.

This year we welcomed Christopher Logan and Janice O’Donnell to the Board of Directors and regretfully accepted the resignation of Carolyn Booth, one of our founding members. As Treasurer, Carolyn was a driving force in establishing our fundraising plan, we thank her for her tremendous dedication; she will be sincerely missed.

You, our dedicated patrons, have made this scholarship fund one of your charitable contributions of choice and because of that we have met successive ambitious goals and continue to grow. Although this is our last annual letter we welcome your future financial support. At any time throughout the year, you can mail a donation to the address below or donate through PayPal on our website at www.McCarthyScholarship.org, and know that your money will provide educational assistance to students in Michael’s memory.

To make a donation, please feel free to send a check to:

The Michael E. McCarthy Scholarship Fund
PO Box 665
Newport, RI 02840

Or, you can make a donation online using PayPal by clicking on the PayPal image below:


Please remember, this organization is born of a community coming together. By staying together we are not only able to offer financial support to students, but we become an example of the power of enduring friendship. Thank you from the Board. Wouldn’t Michael be proud!


The Board of Directors
Michael E. McCarthy Scholarship Fund

PS: Mark your calendars – Mike McCarthy Memorial Golf Tournament FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2013

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